For every problem is a solution.

Hello, my name is Matthias Brinkman and I am the director / owner of Services 4 Business. As an all-round ICT’er, I support companies with question about ICT, together with my team of qualified professionals.  Choosing laptops and screens or setting up a secure workplace and make back-up’s in the cloud: over the past 20 years we have supported many large and small companies with ICT-related questions.

If you have a question about: what is the ideal hardware for my business? Or how do we set up a company network safely and optimally? Then Services 4 Business supports you. Our goal: provide carefree, safe and solid ICT solutions. ICT has to improve your business!

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What are the core values ​​of Services 4 Business?

Customer oriented

Services 4 Business is a service and support organization where not the portfolio but the partnership is key. We want to help you to be even more successful doing business with carefree, safe and solidICT solutions.

Customer-oriented working is communicating and continuously adjusting together, to bring purpose and means together and to manage expectations properly.

Surprise the customer before they surprise you.


Services of Services 4 Business are formed by people that are skilled in ICT. Technology and the ICT dynamics are our daily business.

Service 4 Business can flexibly deliver the right knowledge in every stage. From design, rollout till ICT support and management.

Flexibility is the ability to adapt to changing situations.

Strong together

Collaboration is the bundle of individual strengths.

And together we can achieve more.

We believe in partnerships in which Services 4 Business implements or supplements specific knowledge areas within the ICT chain and the client’s portfolio.

I you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.


Services 4 Business is a knowledge organization with specialists in various ICT areas to unburden the customer. By bundling our knowledge and experience with the client’s portfolio, a powerful proposition is created.

Knowledge is power, but sharing knowledge is powerfull.


From an independent point of view, the wishes of the customer are inventoried, with the aim of achieving future-proof (ICT) solutions. Services 4 Business designs, realizes and manages the ICT during this process. Choosing the right hard- and software can be stated as an example.

Technology is the vehicle but not the goal.

We take care

Customer care is our core business.

Because we try to follow the developments of you as a client, we are able to be the right discussion partner in case of changes. This ensures that ICT can keep on growing.

In addition, we are ready on a daily basis to eliminate current issues quickly and adequately.

Taking care is the new collaboration.


Services 4 Business started almost 20 years ago with its services for large and small enterprises. After the ICT is up and running, there is often a need for support on the delivered hard- and software. In this way, business activities do not come to a standstill. We operate from an action-oriented perspective. We make sure that problems are solved, even if they become difficult.

Services 4 Business’s primary objective is to remain the reliable service provider for all its customers. That is why we continue to invest in well-trained personnel and ensure that we remain united with the right colleagues in our profession. This gives you the certainty to continue working on the success of your own business on a daily basis.

The rules to our game

  • Your business must always be up and running, therefore we always help you choose the safest and sustainable ICT solutions;
  • We have a ´yes we can´ mentality: we do not avoid difficult ICT problems. We continue working until the problem is solved;
  • We are passionate ICT professionals that love our job, also after working hours;
  • From ICT hygiene (just make it work) to automation and innovation: both ingredients are needed for success.